212 Studio is a leading international full-service production and artist management agency based in Istanbul. Studio Further revamped the website and its corporate identity, by completely re-branding the face of 212.


Istanbul’s brand new athletic club ‘Raum’ is where the very best personal trainers and innovative classes meet with exclusive members. Further is responsible for all aspects of the design process including interior graphics.

Room + Rumours

Room + Rumours unites fashion, art, design, music and food all under one roof. The three-floor space brings together a boutique featuring a variety of products selected from both local and global brands, a showroom, a bar and a restaurant with an all-season garden.

Mercedes-Benz Backstage Entrance

In this publication, we brought together the backstage photography by Onur Dag of designer Lug Von Siga’s collection, performed partly in Istanbul and partly in Marid. It was our pleasure to be part of this special book, which was gifted to a number of exclusive fashion lovers.


This typographic zine embraces the journey of a graphic designers’ mind during the course of the constant struggle to produce a creative design. Designers spend most of their times through working with digital tools to execute their ideas. By constructing and deforming typefaces, this small publication studies the language of the software, coming into the realisation of a love-hate relationship.

Frontier Barber

Istanbul’s first foreign owned, old-school inspired barbershop specialising in traditional tonsorial services. Inspired by the revived barber culture of New York City, Frontier Barber is Istanbul’s answer for a no-nonsense gentlemen’s grooming and hangout experience.

FashionWeek Istanbul SS15 / Fall15

Further has been responsible for all design aspects of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Istanbul, namely “Spring/Summer 2015” and “Fall 2015”. Our package included the designs of all print materials, sponsored walls and billboards as well as conducting the printing and production process.

Petra Roasting Co.

with its ardent love of coffee, professionalism and adventurous inventive spirit, has quickly become Turkey’s best coffee importer and roaster. With its creative advertising and strong corporate identity, reflected in its commercial design, we want you to know that a coffee this good isn’t magic, its real…

Mitte Brot

Working with this ‘kitchen artistry’ brand that loves creating fresh ideas and producing unparalleled delicacies from day one. We created their corporate identity, website design and the video that greets you on the website.


A publication design that consists of Allen Ginsberg & Gregory Corso’s interview with William S. Burroughs. The design elements simply try to reflect William S. Burroughs’s answers that contain his chaos and inner philosophy.

Hayal Kurduk, Hayat Verdik!

In collaboration with Publicis Yorum, for the Zorlu Holding – Hayal Kurduk, Hayat Verdik! (we dreamed, we gave life) photography series, we orchestrated everything from selecting the photos to the exhibition design, to the displays used in the exhibition and kiosk designs, which include the production of all materials used, to make the artist’s dream a reality.


is a dedicated team to help business create sustainable future and growth through sound strategies and compelling communication! We designed strong, typographic layout for their brand identity.